I awoke and headed right to the dining hall. I’d been dreaming about an omelet with only avocado. While the cashier gave me a strange look and asked me if I wasn’t sure that I might not want something else, I stuck to my guns like grease in a grease trap. The cashier even gave me a list of other options of things to put in my omelet. I declined the options. I suspected she had a pretty good idea of what I wanted by now. So I simply returned to my dorm room and cooked up a few mealworms liberally seasoned with creole seasoning. Wow! They were fantastic. To my shock, the mealworms reminded me of popcorn (with creole seasoning of course).

Okay, okay, I know this sounds outlandish, but seriously, it was delicious!


After my delightful breakfast, I met up with none other than Elizabeth White. She’s from WTVM News. She gave me a lift from Columbus to Auburn and the cameras started rolling to watch what I would cook up for lunch. All in all, Lunch was pretty easy. Just a quick splash of olive oil, a small handful of crickets, and then I topped them off with some garlic and salt. Wow! Allen Henry, from the other station in Montgomery, WSFA News, also was with the film crew. Apparently, my private news team was squeamish when it came to eating bugs so sadly, I had to eat my lunch all alone. After the filming was done, I went over to the student center to dine on some rice pilaf and some grilled veggies to help supplement my unusual lunch. The student center is pretty busy so a lot of people took a long hard look at my delicious meal. As you can imagine, I got some odd looks here and there. When I was finishing up with my lunch, I saw my old friend Buddy (poor guy, that’s his real name). He didn’t have a clue about my new dining treats so I gave him the low down on what I liked and why and of course, I offered him some crickets to eat as well.

Interestingly, Buddy enjoyed the newfound threat of crickets.


Well, now it’s time for dinner and my friends and I have looked forward to this dinner for a week. After I read an article in Ecullulitis, a Magazine on cooking, I had an inspiration to make tacos. Oh, trust me, these aren’t like any tacos you’ve ever had before! So I invited my friends Jaimen, Coleman, Zach, and Franklin (my roommate) to cook up a batch of waxworm tacos!

Now, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. The best part of cooking worms is that they are fast cooking so it give an entirely new meaning to fast food. We threw in some taco seasoning and some onions and we “grubbed” our way through dinner. I felt kind of sorry for the poor little waxworms, but seriously, once I got past the fact that they are soft and cuddly, they were delicious. Poor little innocent beings.

Oh, and they really absorb the seasonings. They tasted just like the seasoning and onion. My friends seemed to enjoy them as well.

I was really nervous for this challenge, however, with the media coverage and all of the great support from my friends, it’s been a great motivational success. I’m hoping the next 29 days run by more smoothly. Today was a surprise for sure. It was unreal.