I’ll start this post by baring my soul. I’ll admit it… I don’t like breakfast. No offense to all you egg-scrambling, orange juice-slurping, bacon lovers out there. Breakfast just isn’t really my thing.

Before I embarked on this challenge, I would just whip up a quick smoothie each morning. Sometimes I’ll even get a little crazy and make oatmeal if I’m really hungry.

The original plan never involved cooking bugs for breakfast

So when my friend Nathan of Aspire Food Group told me about his cricket powder, my first thought was “Perfect. I can still make my smoothies.” Subbing out my whey powder for cricket powder is a minor shift in my morning routine.

Unfortunately, I don’t quite understand how time works and I ordered my cricket powder too late. So while I wait for it to arrive, I’m finding creative ways to make buggy breakfast.

This morning (and by morning I mean the cusp of noon), my friend Caroline and I were in the mood for mushroom soup. I brought my worms and tossed them in there. Caroline, who initially swore she would not eat my bugs, was brave enough to try the mealworm mushroom soup.

You gotta admit, deep down inside, a part of you is saying “that actually looks sort of good.” Deep deep down.


After “breakfast,” I headed back home to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich…and then I saw the Nutella.

That’s when the spontaneous Cam got ahold of me. I spread some Nutella on a slice of bread, chopped up some bananas and threw in some brown sugary mealworms on and voila! Lunch.

Would I eat it again? Heck yes.

After lunch, I went to go slackline with some friends and thought I’d bring some cricket protein bars. So we’re there enjoying our day of slacklining and then we got attacked by you guessed it…bugs. Fire ants. I guess they’re deciding to bite back now.

I walked barefoot into an ant hill and stepped on the poor little guys. I kind of felt bad until I saw them swarming us. I got away scot free. Caroline didn’t. For your enjoyment, I’ve posted a picture below of Caroline trying to swat off fire ants with a paddle.

After we recovered from the attack, we got to enjoy the cricket bars.

These protein bars, which use cricket flour for protein, tasted like just like normal protein bars.


Nothing special.

Tonight, I’m grubbing on leftover tacos from last night. The poor college kid in me knows that I need to eat my leftovers before they go bad. So until I run out of tacos, I won’t be cooking dinner.

As I type this post, I realize it probably looks like I didn’t eat much today. Now would be a good time to tell you that I am not blogging about my non-entomophagous foods. For instance, today I also had a calzone and it was fantastic. However, I doubt anyone cares about the calzones I’m eating. So to save your time and mine, I’ll be leaving those meals out of my posts!

That’s it for today. For now, I leave you with a gratuitous photo of today’s slacklining party. Fire ants not pictured.