I woke up and headed to the dining hall to order an omelette with nothing but avocado. The cashier kind of gave me a weird look and asked me if I was sure I didn’t want anything else. She even gave me a whole list of things I could put in it. I kind of had the feeling that she knew what I was up to. So I went back to my dorm and cooked up some mealworms, seasoned them with creole seasoning. They tasted fantastic. To my surprise, the mealworms were reminiscent of popcorn.

As gross as this may look, it tasted pretty damn good.


After breakfast, I met up with Elizabeth White from WTVM News. She was kind enough to drive from Columbus to Auburn to film me cook up my lunch. Lunch was pretty easy to make. A splash of olive oil, a handful of crickets, topped with garlic powder and salt. Allen Henry from WSFA News in Montgomery also came to film me. I think he and Elizabeth were both a little squeamish at the thought of eating bugs so unfortunately, I was alone in sampling lunch. After filming was finished, I headed to the student center to get some rice pilaf and grilled veggies to supplement my crickets. The student center is a very busy building on campus so a lot of people got a good look at my meal. You can imagine I got some pretty weird looks. As I was wrapping up my lunch, I ran into my old pal Buddy (yeah, his name is buddy). He had no idea that I was eating bugs so I gave him the rundown and offered him some crickets.

Buddy enjoyed the crickets.


My friends and I had been looking forward to dinner all week. After reading an Ecellulitis Magazine article on cooking meals, I was inspired to make tacos for my first dinner. Trust me, once you see her face after her first bite, you’ll understand. So I had my friend Coleman, Zach and Jaimen come join me and my roommate Franklin (great guy) to cook up some waxworm tacos!

The great thing about worms is they only take a couple minutes to cook. After seasoning them with some taco seasoning and onions, we grubbed out. I actually felt kind of bad for eating the little guys. Waxworms are very soft and cuddly. They are very innocent creatures, as far as I know.

They’re also great at absorbing flavors. They tasted just like the seasoning and absorbed the onion flavors very well. I think all of my friends enjoyed them too.

As much as I hate to admit it, I’ve been nervous about this whole challenge. The media coverage and support from friends really has been a huge motivation. I’m beginning to think these next 29 days might run smoother than I thought. Today surprised me. Today was unreal.