I’ve Been Thinking…

That this is going to be a long month full of a lot of meals. It’s only day four and I’m already afraid that I’m going to bore you.

My posts have been structured the same: Breakfast, lunch and dinner. End of story. But that’s just it…there’s not much of a story. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather read a story than a food diary. As interesting as insects may be to eat, you gotta admit a food diary isn’t exactly compelling.

That’s why I’m switching up this blog

I’ve blogged mostly about what’s on my plate, not what’s on my mind.  So while I continue logging what I eat, I will make sure to include the narrative. This isn’t a food diary. It’s a blog. About food.

So let’s get to it

Today’s first meal was a good ol-fashioned PB & J.

 Well I guess it wasn’t exactly ol-fashioned.

Also, here’s a fun fact: the peanut butter you use for normal sandwiches already has bugs in it.

But anyway, I don’t know what it is about waxworms, but they’re incredibly adaptive. Although I haven’t used them for every meal, I’m confident that I could use them for any recipe. They’re like tiny little sponges that just absorb whatever flavors surround them.

While many non-bug-eaters are more inclined to try a cricket, I think a good “starter bug” is the waxworm. Taste wise, they are very neutral. Besides, if any of these bugs are remotely cute, it’s definitely the waxworms.

But I don’t discriminate.

Mealworms aren’t bad either.

When I washed my first batch of mealworms, they reminded me of chow mein. So when my friends and I met up at Panda Express for lunch, I had to bring the mealworms. I don’t think anyone around us actually noticed what was going on either. For the self-conscious entomophagist, mealworms and chow mein are a great meal to eat in public.

Or you can always just eat cricket bars. They taste pretty normal. Just ask my friend Erin.

Tonight I invited a photographer from the campus newspaper to take some photos of my dinner. He got to see the first meal of a new series that I’m calling “Chipotle Mondays.” Each Monday, I’m going to order a meat-less chipotle bowl, bring it back home, cook up some bugs and throw them in.

This week’s edition of Chipotle Mondays is crickets and boy oh boy, they tasted good. Even the photographer liked them. He said he would be thinking about those crickets all night!

Can you blame him?